Thursday, August 7, 2008


Have you ever had a moment in your life that didn't quite end the way you wanted it to? Maybe you missed a friend's funeral, or had a bad break up, or quit a good job, or hurt a friend.
Well, I've only had a few moments in my life that I feel didn't end the way I wanted them to. But, now I can cross one of those moments off my list. I kept having this reoccurring dream where the ending was different. I was almost haunted by the situation. Not daily, but enough to make me realize that I wasn't pleased with what had happened. I guess I was disappointed with my actions more than anything. And, my horribly guilty conscience wouldn't let me forget it...not even in my dreams.
But, now I can move forward and get beyond the situation. I now know and feel that all has been forgiven. I feel as if a load of bricks is no longer sitting on my shoulders. I feel rejuvenated and free. I feel happy the situation was revisited and resolved. Resolved in a manner I can be proud of. Life is short. I usually live with no regrets, but this particular situation was holding me back. But, no longer....
I'm at last!
Thanks Azul!

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