Thursday, August 7, 2008

Men who love dolls!

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life, and I just have to share!!

So, the other day I was watching BBC and stumbled across this program about grown men who live with and love dolls. They are realistic dolls the size of an average woman. They have mouths that work, eyelashes, and kooters. The men live with them and pretend they are real women. They even claim to "love" them. It is so bizarre! They talk about them as if the dolls are alive and have personalities. They name them and even have sex with them, since the dolls are anatomically correct. All the men interviewed seemed a bit "off," if you will. They certainly weren't "normal.'' Basically, they have given up on finding love with a human woman, so they found that love in a doll.
Here is the link to BBC:
This is so weird!


Anonymous said...

Remember when we went out for Kari's bachelorette party and brought a male blow up doll to Bar Houston? I think you danced with it all night! Maybe you could have been on that show!? he he :-)

Weenie said...

OH MY GOD!!! Yes, I remember. That was the best night ever. I loved that damn blow up doll! It was the best dancing partner! And, remember how Kari's boyfriend got drunk and spent the night,too?! Do you remember that he almost pee-peed in our closet because he was so drunk he thought it was the bathroom??!! That was a crazy night!! Good times...