Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim like a fish!

Phelps is amazing! He is truly inspiring.
Before we moved to Japan, Husband and I were avid swimmers. We would swim about 3 times a week. And, by swimming, I mean lap swimming. We used to love it. But, since we moved here, we haven't been swimming much. But, no longer. This morning, after I dropped off Jude at the bus stop, I went to the local indoor pool and swam. I swam about a mile or so. It was hard in the beginning. But the more I swam, the better it got. The pool here is 50 meters, much longer than the one in Texas. But, I like it. It makes me work harder. It felt good, refreshing. My arms are sore, but I'll stretch it out.
At the last triathlon I did, I recall someone calling me a shark. I swam really well that day. Today I was more like a guppy.

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