Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nip n Tuck

So, a good friend of mine just returned from a Nip n Tuck trip. She went to Thailand to have some work done. We saw her yesterday and she looks great! She got a new set of boobs, lipo on her tummy, back, and thighs. She was already H-O-T to begin with, and now she's super HOT! Since she went to Thailand to have the work done, it was about half price from what you would pay in the States. She said her accommodations were first rate and better than any hospital in the states.

I don't think I could ever do anything like that...I'm too much of a chicken shit! But, seeing her with her new slimmer look, seems to have given her new self confidence. I don't think she needed any work before, but the result is FABULOUS! Her doctor did a great job!

So, if anyone is considering having any work done, you should consider Thailand!

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