Sunday, August 31, 2008


So, as most of you know, most of our family members live in Houston, Texas. So, we are really concerned about all you folks down there! We have been watching the news on CNN and on the Internet. We hope you guys are informed and ready to take action, if necessary! I know that most of you were off from work when Dolly failed to make her appearance. I heard it was a party there in Houston when Dolly was supposed to come through and didn't. But this time, I think Gustav is a much uglier monster. I hope you take all the warnings seriously. And, if they tell you to leave, please do so. But, remember...we are Texans! We are our own breed of folk! So, check on your neighbors, take your pets if you leave, bring food and water to feed your family for 3 days (if necessary), but most of all be kind and helpful. Help those that can't help themselves. Remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated. In times of crisis, people's true colors often come through. So, again, show the world that Texans are better, kinder and just a better breed of folk! Please, don't let me down!
I tell everyone here in Japan that I'm a Texan first, then American. I tell people that I'm from the only state that matters....Texas. So, make me proud. Show the world why the Lone Star State is the best!

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