Friday, September 26, 2008

We are screwed!

So, the other day Husband mentioned that he saw something on the Internet about "Trash Island." Supposedly it's a place in the Pacific Ocean where trash debris has created an island of trash the size of Texas. Well, we looked it up and found a website called On this website, a group of young people and scientists sail out into the Pacific Ocean in search of Toxic Garbage Island. They video taped their journey to Hawaii, and there are 12 episodes you can watch on their site. Here is the link:

The video clips are armature, but what you see on them is shocking. We watched them, and we were completely disturbed by what we saw. It is unbelievable how bad humans have fucked mother Earth.

So, please, for Jude, do what you can to take care of our planet. Change a few things a day, and you can make a difference.

For example, don't get plastic grocery bags from the store. Instead, bring your own cloth bags and reuse them. Recycle, recycle, recycle! Please recycle plastics, card boards, papers, metals, and glass. Please kill your giant SUV or bubba truck! Instead, drive a small, economical car. Don't buy bottled water! Instead, buy a Thermos or water bottle and reuse it. Ride your bike instead of driving. Or, walk instead of driving, if possible. Set your lights to timers. That way, if you leave the room and forget to turn off the light, it will turn off for you. And, change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. Look, if global warming isn't enough to scare you, then maybe seeing a floating trash island in the middle of the Pacific will make you want to change.

Please, for Jude and my future grandchildren!

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