Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movin' on up!

Yesterday, Jude had swim lessons after school. After the lesson, his swim teacher came and talked to me. She told me Jude has been doing a great job. She almost has him swimming! Can you believe that??!! I couldn't believe it!! The kid has only been taking swim lessons for a couple weeks! I already signed him up for the next month, and I put him back in the Level 1 class. I figured there was no way the kid would progress in one month! After all, he is my kid, and he prefers to play instead of focusing on the task at hand. But, his teacher thinks that he might be ready to move up. I was in utter shock at the news! I told him I was so proud of him! He rushed home to tell his daddy the exciting news.

Good job Jude! I'm so proud!

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