Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Have you ever woken up unable to see? Have your eyes ever been crusted over with funk and sealed shut? Well, that's how my eyes were this morning. It seems that Jude gave me his cooties. Damn that boy! I guess with him coughing in my face and me wiping his snotty nose, it was inevitable that I caught his funk. I don't have fever (thank God), but I do have a runny/stuffy nose, giant loogies in my chest, watery eyes and a sore throat. Oh, did I mention that today is Jude's birthday??? That's right, the kid is 4 today! YEAH!! The only problem is...I have to make an appearance today at his school. His class is having a party today, and I have to go and help out. I usually love to do that sort of thing, but not today when my eyes are watery, and I'm hocking up phlegm like a 95 year old smoker. Plus, I hate to spread the funk to the other kids. But, it is too late to cancel. And, I hate to screw up his school schedule. So, off I go to Jude's school. However, one good thing is....I'm heavily medicated! I took lots of allergy/cold meds this morning, so I'm starting to feel better. Or, perhaps now I'm just slightly high, and I've simply forgotten about my cold symptoms. Man, I love modern medicine!

So, I will take tons of pictures of the party at school this afternoon and post them later. Please forgive me for having puffy eyes and a drippy nose!

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