Friday, October 31, 2008

This week's marathon training...

I ran 4 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday and 3 miles Thursday. So, my marathon training is going as planned. However, before each run, I've had to take Singulair to help open up my bronchial tubes (Singulair is a small, little pill taken once a day-used to control asthma and allergies). Since I got a cold, about 2 weeks ago, my asthma has been a problem, along with a nagging phlegm filled cough. But, I haven't let it stop me. Remember, I'm in control of my bunk ass lungs...but, sometimes I swear my lungs never got the memo!

I'm running 7 miles on Saturday. I think it is supposed to be 48 degrees Fahrenheit, rainy and windy. But, we train in the rain!

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