Friday, October 10, 2008

8,579...Can it get any worse???

The stock market closed down some 600 points again today. I just need to bend over and take it up the you-know-what! This is getting ridiculous!

But, you know, I must admit, I kinda saw this coming. Last year, when Husband and I were getting ready to move here to Japan, we went on a month long vacation to visit friends and family members. It was called "Weenie's Farewell Tour." Anywho, Husband and I were marveling at all the stuff our friends and family members big ass TVs, fancy gigantic houses, giant gas guzzling SUVs, new bubba trucks, cute clothes, and so on. Husband and I wondered how they could afford such lavish items. We both said in unison, "Credit!" We discussed how people were borrowing too much money and living beyond their means. It seemed like an epidemic or a plague of over spending to keep up with the Joneses. It seemed like everyone was trying to out do the other person by having more and better stuff. It seemed like people were consuming too much as consumers!

As you know, I'm a simple person. I always have been. I like nice stuff, don't get me wrong. But, I don't buy stuff I can't afford. I have a terribly guilty conscience, as you know. And, I can't sleep at night knowing that I have credit card debt or any other kind of debt. I feel guilty. I feel guilty knowing that I owe someone money. PoPo always told me, if you can't afford it, you don't need it. Simple as that. So, I have never lived beyond my means. Neither has Husband. Some people get a "high" from buying fancy clothes or cars. But, not me. I get a "high" by saving my money and watching it grow. That makes me feel good. I know I'm weird compared to most.

But, I just don't understand why most Americans think they need so much stuff they can't afford. Perhaps most people are trying to fill some void they have in their life. Maybe they have a loveless marriage or weren't shown enough attention when they were children. What ever the cause is, over spending just needs to stop. If you ain't got it, don't spend it. How hard is that??? Seriously, please tell me! I would like to know!

I think people need to reevaluate what makes them happy in life. Don't get me wrong, I want to live the American dream, too. I want to have a cute house, with a cute yard and all that. But, I'm saving my pennies to get it. And, now Husband and I are living "in poverty" to achieve our American dream. We "pretend" we can't afford things now. We tell people we are poor and can't afford things. Because theoretically, we are poor. Husband doesn't make a whole lot of money. And, there are 3 of us living off of it. So, we skimp and save every where we can. I buy groceries on sale days. I only buy clothes if they are on sale and necessary. We have the cheapest cell phone policy on the planet! We drive used old cars. Husband rides his trash bike most days to save on fuel. (He found the bike abandoned in the parking lot of our apartment complex. It was rusted and needed a seat. So, Husband fixed it and rides it almost every day to work. His co-workers are collecting money to buy him a new one because his looks so bad.) We don't have cable or satellite TV. I don't even have an IPOD! I bought each of us a Thermos so I can save on bottled water. We are the cheapest people we know. And, most of our friends will agree with that statement! But, we are happy.
But, ya know, in the grand scheme of themes, stuff is so insignificant. It just clogs your house and your mind. And, when you die, no one remembers your stuff anyway. They don't go to your funeral and say, "Wow, she used to wear Prada shoes!" No one cares what clothes you wear or what kind of car you drive. Seriously, no one cares! And, if they do care, then they probably aren't worth knowing in the first place!
So, please stop spending money you ain't got! Please! Quit trying to get things you don't deserve. If you want those Prada shoes, get a great job that pays you enough to afford those Prada shoes. Or, save your pennies to get those Prada shoes. But, please for the love of God, stop spending money you don't have. You see where that has gotten all of us in the last few weeks!!

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