Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Texans!

These are the Texans. They moved to Japan on the same day as us. In fact, we were on the same plane together. They remind me of all the good things about Texas. They are kind hearted folks and welcoming in every way. Mr. Texan will open a door for anyone and help strangers carry heavy things. (You never see that in Japan!) He reminds me of Texas Chivalry. If he wore a cowboy hat (and I don't think he does), I'm sure he would tip it to any person in a friendly 'Hello.' Just seeing Mr. Texan in blue jeans reminds me of Texas. Even though Mrs. Texan isn't from Texas, she's still Texan through marriage. And, technically that makes her a Texan and a good friend of mine! They are a great family with the cutest little girls! Watch out Mr. Texan, you better get that shot gun ready! You've got 2 little heart breakers on your hands!

They are kindhearted, uncomplicated, loving, welcoming people. I'm so glad we met them. In their presence I feel safe and at home.

Being here in Japan can be difficult at times. It's a foreign land to me. But, these people have truly made it feel like home...Thanks Texans!

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