Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too damn nice!

Okay, I'm typically not a nice person...I can admit that. I talk about people and I typically only do things if they benefit ME is some way. But lately I've been doing really nice things for other people. I'm not sure what has come over me??!! I'm sure...looking at it from the outside...it just appears that I'm a nice, sweet, doting mom who is willing to help others out....but, I'm not that! I'm not nice! I don't claim to be kind or sweet or any of those things, but my actions lately would make you think otherwise. I would hate to give people the wrong impression...that I'm a nice, helpful, decent human being. Lord knows I ain't!

These are a few of the "nice" things I've done this week: I've been taking Jude's friend to school because her mom just had another baby, I took care of my friend's kid while she was at the doctor (Jude was at school--so, it was just me and the kid for a few hours), and I volunteered my time to babysit 14 kids so some moms could get together for a meeting.

If someone had just met me this week, they would be getting the wrong idea about me. They would think I'm a nice person who does nice things. So, I better quit being so damn nice or people are going to start expecting "nice" things from me...and I would hate to disappoint them.

Phew, it seems that all this niceness is causing me to feel really uncomfortable, and it's a lot of work. I'm certainly not accustomed to it...that's for sure!

So, off I go...to be bitter, bitchy, opinionated and foul mouthed!

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