Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emergency Contact

So, I am now the emergency contact person for a few of my friends' kids. Crazy, huh?! I find it completely bizarre that I am someones emergency contact person. I just had this realization that I'm a grown up. You would think that graduating college, getting married, pooping out a kid, and moving to another country would make me feel like an adult or grown up, but it hasn't. I still feel like the same free spirited, loud mouthed, midget Mexican. But, now...all of a sudden I feel like I have been thrust into adulthood....all because I'm listed as an emergency contact person. Now, other people rely on me. Wow! It is such a weird feeling to know that in a time of crisis, I could be called upon to perform.

And, my first "performance" occurred yesterday. I got a call from Bean's after school daycare yesterday. (Bean is Running Babe's son.) Bean had had an accident and needed a change of clothes. They couldn't get a hold of his parents, so they called me. I rose to the challenge and took clean, dry clothes to the kid. He was very appreciative and so were his parents. They both called me later and thanked me for helping out their son. I had no problem doing it.

But, after that I felt weird. I know I'm an adult. After all, I'm.......30 something years old. But, I've never really felt like an adult before. Even when I work or meet with Jude's teachers, I still feel like me. But, yesterday I FELT like a grown up. And, quite frankly, I didn't like it. I feel old knowing that I'm listed as an emergency contact person. In my mind, when someone says "Emergency Contact Person" I think of the old white haired lady who lived across the street from my childhood home. I think of someone having nothing to do except to sit and wait by the phone. I think of someone white haired, whithered, wearing an apron, making casseroles, and listening to Frank Sinatra. I am NOT that person! Instead, I'm a foul mouthed, over-opinionated, pocket sized, Hispandex, who doesn't even know how to make a casserole!
Uggggg...adulthood sucks!

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