Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nail art...why not!!

Okay, I'm a simple woman who can be dressed and ready to go in 8 minutes. I certainly would not consider myself high maintenance. In fact, Husband has to often remind me to fix my hair. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a frumpy house wife, either. I usually never leave the house without concealer, eye liner, mascara and my Victoria's Secret Angels Bra (remember....I nursed Jude for 16 banana boobs need all the help they can get!).
But, when it comes to my nails, I usually just leave them alone. I'm lucky if I cut them once a month. I know some women like to get fake nails put on or get manicures...but I'm not one of those. In fact, I don't really like long nails because I can't pick my nose. Honestly! And, I'm afraid I'll scratch Jude if I have claws.
But, here in Japan, young girls and women love to paint their nails and cover them with jewels and glitter. I think it's a bit silly, over the top, and a waste of time and money.
However, yesterday I went to the big ass 100 Yen Shop (the Japanese version of a dollar store) near my apartment. I was walking around aimlessly in search for useless crap I didn't even know I needed when I stumbled across jeweled nail stickers. You apply them to the tips of your nails and then paint clear nail polish over them. I bought them and applied them to my nails. They turned out okay considering I applied them in a moving car on the way to pick up Jude from school (my friend was no lives were at stake during the application). I was quite pleased with how my nails looked. I showed all the other moms at the bus stop, and they were also impressed with my 100 Yen find. (FYI- 100 Yen is about $1.10.)
So, now my nails look like the one's pictured above. I showed Husband my "manicure" when he came home from work. His exact words were "that doesn't look like you or something you would do." My response was "When in Japan, do as the Japanese!" Husband laughed...
Just another day in Weenie's World!

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