Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fitting into the Mommy Mold!

****Read at your own risk....foul language below!****

Okay, I'm a mom. But, I'm having a hard time fitting into the "Mommy Mold." I don't do or say things that other mommies do.

For example, I'm marathon training now. Most of the mommies I come in contact with think I'm a.) nuts for training for a marathon and b.) selfish for taking that time away from my family. This is what I say to you mommies out there that think I'm nuts and selfish....fuck off! First of all, I need to stay in shape to care for my kid. And, I'm leading by example and showing my kiddo that physical activity is important and necessary for healthy living. And, I'm showing my kid that women are just as strong as men. And, I'm showing him how hard work and persistence can help you achieve your goals in life. So, a big "Screw You" to you mommies out there that think I shouldn't train again for another marathon.

And, my potty mouth isn't helping me, either, when it comes to fitting into the "Mommy Mold." I've been known to occasionally drop the F-bomb in front my kid and his friends. I know I shouldn't but sometimes it just slips out. I can't help it. I try to put on my filter when other kiddos are around, but sometimes bad words just slip out. And, so what if I say the occasional hell, damn or shit. Does that make me a bad parent?? I think not!

Okay, and so what if I find my husband incredibly sexy and hot, and send him dirty text messages..is that bad??? Aren't we supposed to be hot for each other???

It seems like most mommies out there have lost themselves in their children. They have become these voiceless, lumpy, stagnant human beings that lack luster and life. I actually feel sorry for women like that. What a horrible existence they must lead! And, what makes it worse is these women are judgmental hags. They judge me and others around them. If you aren't the perfect little "Mommy" they think you should be, they look down on you.

So, to you ladies out there who think I'm not the perfect mommy....kiss my ass!

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