Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Praise Jesus! The stock market has rebounded and gained about 485 points today.

I know lots of people don't want Washington to bail out Wall Street. I know some Americans don't want to see their tax dollars spent on this 700 billion dollar Wall Street bail out. But, those people probably don't have much money invested or saved in 401Ks or IRAs, either. But for the rest of us- the smart people out there-- we need Washington to step in and save us from losing our hard earned money.

Look, as a child PoPo told me to save my money. At 16 years old, I worked for the YMCA as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I made minimum wage...a whopping $5.25. PoPo told me that if I saved my money and put it in a CD at the bank at 6% for a year or 2, I could earn free money. WOW! What an idea! I couldn't believe you could earn free money for doing nothing. I thought it was the best idea ever. So, that was my first savings plan. Needless to say, the more money I earned, the more money I saved and invested. After graduating from college, I had no debt (Thank God) and lived within my means. I worked at the law firm and invested in my 401K program. I put as much money as I could aside. I started doing that at 22 years old. My father showed me what was possible if I saved. I believed in the idea of deferred gratification--save now to get more later. I was blessed to have a father smart enough to show me the value of saving money. And, now I'm watching all my hard earned money disappear because of a bunch of stupid people.

This is not fair to me or all the other people out there that have spent their whole life saving for retirement or to put their children through college. This just isn't right. I hope the evil people are punished for their mistakes.

Luckily, Husband and I have lots of time to save more money for retirement and for Jude's college education. We've got time. But, for people like YaYa and PoPo and Lola and Lito, they don't have the time. They are retired and have been watching their life savings dwindle away to nothing. That's not fair to them. My father busted his ass working shift work for 30 years and saved all he could so that he could retire and live his dream. Now, a bunch of greedy mother fuckers are going to ruin it all. Now, that's not fair.

So, when you say you don't want Washington to bail out Wall Street, you piss me off. Now, you know why!


Anonymous said...

Now if everyone else would just live within their means maybe we can avoid this from happenning again in the future. When J and I bought our house we could have gotten a loan for much more and bought a bigger, more expensive house, but we knew better. People are stupid and have just continued to spend, spend, spend, put it on a credit card, default on their loans, and wonder why our economy is so screwed up. Anyway, just venting.......


Anonymous said...

Amen Sista!! You tell 'em like it is!!

People are stupid! And, it sucks that people like you and me have to pay for the mistakes of the stupid people!

God help us!