Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you are reading this blog you are: a wonderful personal friend of mine, a family member, a Japanese student of mine, a friend of Rice Spice's, or you stumbled across my blog while searching the net. Look, chances are if you know about my blog that's because I invited you in to read it. So, if I'm ranting or bitching about something or someone, rest assure that I'm NOT complaining about you! If I invited you to my blog, that's because I like you, you are my friends or relatives, and your opinion matters. So, please don't think I'm talking about you when I'm bitching and moaning. I'm just venting and your eyes are the lucky ones that get to see my inner thoughts. So, please don't take anything I write seriously or to heart. Remember, YOU were invited....into my world!

***I currently have my blog set to "private." Search engines can't find it. So, you have to know the URL to access it.

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