Saturday, December 13, 2008

"You said a naughty word, mommy!"

So, my little Jude is the most awesome child on the planet. I know it's my job to believe this and to convince others of this, but it is absolutely the truth--I promise.

So, the other day when I was driving in my banged up Honda Civic, I heard a silly song on the radio. I was waiting with anticipation for Britney Spears' new song Womanizer. (Yes, I will admit publicly that I like that song-- in fact, I love the's catchy and has a catchy line...Womanizer, wo-wo-womanizer, your a wo-wo-womanizer...sorry for breaking out into song and dance, I just couldn't control myself.) The DJ on the radio had mentioned earlier he would be playing the song next, and I was looking forward to singing at the top of my lungs and performing a little Britney dance as I drove Jude home from the bus stop. So, when I heard a lame-o song come on next, I yelled, "Stupid song!" I was let down that I would not be hearing my new favorite song.

Jude heard me yell, and instantly replied, "Mommy, that's a naughty word!"

"Oh, shit, sorry baby, I didn't mean to say a naughty word," I replied back.

"Mommy, you just did it again!" he replied.

"Oh, crap, sorry sweetie, mommy screwed up," I told him.

"That's a naughty word, too, mommy!" he yelled back with frustration in his voice.

"Damn it, sorry sweetie, I'll try not to use naughty words again," I told him.

"Mommy, you just said another one!" the kiddo replied.

"Jesus Christ kid, I'm sorry!" I told him, knowing that I had just fucked up again!

"Mommy, it's not nice to say that, either!" he said.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I just won't talk...okay?!" I told him.

"Now, that's a good plan!" Jude replied.

We remained silent in the car until we reached the parking lot of our apartment.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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