Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marathon Training Update

I finally bought new shoes! Yippee! My old shoes are the exact same shoes as the one pictured above except they are the older model/version. I ran my last marathon in these shoes, and I love them. So I keep buying them. They are ASICS Gel Evolution 4. They are designed for people who over pronate and who have fat, flat, wide feet who need extra support. And, well, that's me. These are the best shoes for me! They are pricey, but worth every penny! I would even pay more for them, because I love them so much, and they are so good to me. (They cost about $110 per pair.)

So, this weeks running is going great! Last week I ran 4 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 5 miles Thursday and 6 miles Saturday. This week I've done 4 1/2 miles Tuesday, 6 miles today, and I'll do 5 tomorrow and 11 on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to the long run on Sunday. I do better at longer runs. I know it doesn't make sense to non-runners, but I don't get into a groove until about mile 6 or so.

So, I'm feeling great and running pretty good. Most runs are good, but occasionally I feel sluggish or like I have lead in my feet. Last week's 6 miles on Saturday kicked my ass! Since it was a back-off week, I didn't think much about the run. But, then when I was running, my body was tired and lacked energy. I even had to walk for about 30 seconds to catch my breath at mile 4. My running buddies also had a hell of a time with last week's 6 mile run on Saturday. Who knows, maybe we had bad air or something. Whatever!

So, this week is going great, and I'm thankful for that. When YaYa and PoPo come to visit, I plan to take advantage of the free child care, and run my ass off. If I can get about 3 weeks worth of awesome runs, I'll be set.
So, wish me luck!


Rice Spice said...

You are definitely an inspiration for me as I've just let my workout routine go to complete and utter shit since I moved to Tampa. I went for my first run in about 5 weeks yesterday. No bueno. I've got a long road ahead of me if I plan on getting back into shape.

And, yes, I'm back in blogdom...

Weenie said...

Praise Jesus, Rice Spice is back! Now I have something to look forward to again! Now, when I log on to my computer, I can read your ramblings about your life. I can't wait!

As for the running, keep it up. It sucks at first. But the more you do it, the better you'll feel. After all, if this midget mexican momma with asthma can run, then you sure as hell can too.

So, welcome back Rice Spice! I missed you!

Love ya,