Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm another year older!

Well, my birthday isn't until 10:41 PM tonight, but WHATEVER!

I plan to party like a rock star tonight in Tokyo. Running Babe has created a fun evening of dinner, drinks, karaoke, and dancing. We plan to spend the next 2 nights in Tokyo having a good time. YaYa and PoPo will take care of the kiddos, so we can party like it's 1999.

We plan to party Japanese style. So, I will be wearing a blue jean mini skirt that barely covers my ass, along with blue glittery tights (it's colder than a witches nipple in a brass brazier), a purple and black sequined shirt, black glittery leg warmers (that's right, I said leg Japan, anything goes!), brown 3 inch heeled ankle boots, and a pink and black wig. Why would I want to look so ridiculous on my birthday, you ask?? Why not?! I say in return. In Japan, fashion is much different. You can wear anything you want and no one cares. So, tonight I plan to do just that. I'm really excited about the leg warmers and pink wig. It should be awesome!

So, Happy Birthday to me!

Don' t worry, I'll take tons of pictures for your viewing pleasure. However, since we'll be gone a few nights, it might take a few days before I'm able to download.

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