Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Lunch...Weenie style!

So, on Christmas day my apartment will be filled with people. There will be me (duh!), Husband, Jude, YaYa, PoPo, Sister, Running Babe, Marathon Man (perhaps Giuseppe Verde will pay us a visit...that is...if we give Marathon Man enough alcohol!), Bean, and Jesus (it's not pronounced Jesus- like the son of God, but rather Hay-soos, the way that Latinos pronounce it in Espanol.) (And, yes, if you believe in Christ, he is always with you...but I'm not referring to Jesus Christ, but rather I'm referring to my devoutly Christian Japanese friend who I will call Jesus (pronounced Hay-soos) here in my blog). (Got it?! Good!)
It should be an interesting afternoon of food, fun and laughter. I know it's 23 days away, but I'm already looking forward to it.
***I forgot to mention that Sister is Jewish. So, she will be celebrating Hanukkah, not Christmas. (That's right, my Sista is a Jew. How a confirmed Catholic became a practicing Jew is beyond me! Whatever floats her boat! I guess I should pray for her or something, right?!)

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