Saturday, December 27, 2008


My guts are making really weird gurgling noises right now. I just ate half a gallon of home made salsa and chips. Now my stomach is on fire from the combination of spicy and acid from the tomatoes. Since I ran 9.2 miles this morning, I was craving something saltly. So, I decided to indulge in a little salsa and salty corn chips. And, well considering I don't do anything "small," I bit off more than I can chew, I mean digest. Granted, I'm exhausted. I've had a fun filled day of running, eating breakfast, chatting with BJ, downloading song from iTunes (I got an iPod for Christmas/my birthday), singing Karaoke, and watching Stuart Little 2. I'm beat, but my bubble guts are making too much noise for me to sleep. So, I'll show you what I got for Christmas/my birthday.

This is my newest toy. I didn't want to get an iPod because I'm kinda anti-establishment, and I hate the fact that Apple has kinda taken over the world with this, but I get tired of listening to music I don't know or don't like. So, for my birthday, Husband bought me an iPod Classic along with a $50 iTunes music card. So, we spent the last 24 hours downloading all kinds of obscure songs courtesy of iTunes.
This is my other gift. Nice, isn't it?! It's a new Coach purse in maroon--which is my favorite color! It looks fabulous with my new maroon scarf I bought for myself. The two go well together, and they will now be my signature look for winter...okay, I'm full of shit...I don't really have a "look." I just put on whatever I think looks cute and comfy. But now, I kinda have a look with my flashy purse and delicate scarf. Whatever!

So, those are my 2 big ticket items Husband bought for me this year. Keep in mind, I picked out both gifts, but Husband bought them. Husband is the kind of man that doesn't do gift giving very well. In fact, he never remembers any one's birthday. I have a calendar that I use to keep track of family members' birthdays. I used to rely on Husband, and that was a mistake. In fact, he even forgets to get his mother and sisters' cards for their birthdays and various holidays. I have become the official purchaser of gifts for everyone and everything. I don't mind, except when Husband complains about what I have bought. If I left it up to him, no one would get anything, not even a card. So, considering the man is the laziest gift giver I know, I find it necessary to state over and over what I want. I must instill it in his brain. It must be branded in his memory. And sometimes that doesn't even work. He doesn't really think about gift giving. He just stands there in the store like a deer in the headlights of an on coming car. It's weird how he just shuts down when it comes to giving gifts. I'm not sure if it's laziness, or a lack of caring, or the fear that he won't get the perfect gift. Whatever it is, I've gotten used to it. I just wish sometimes he would take the time and effort to pick out a great gift on his own. In his defense, last year he got me a brown and black Coach purse with a matching coin purse. It was the most thoughtful and wonderful present he had bought me in years. So, he doesn't completely suck in that department...he is good at picking out the perfect purse!

Just another day in Weenie's World!
Okay, wait! After reading this post, I realize that I sound shallow and materialistic...and I'm not. I just wish Husband would put forth a little more effort when it comes to buying gifts. I don't mind picking out my own presents- then I get exactly what I want- but it would be nice to be surprised by his thoughtfulness. And, I don't need fancy crap. I'd be happy with a nice pair of running socks or perfume or even a movie that I love. Period.


Rice Spice said...

I don't think you sound shallow. You just sound like almost every woman in the world in a relationship with a man ;) kidding! Boyfriend is the same way with gift giving. Before I started picking my own gifts, we spent much of the post-holiday season exchanging what he bought Saves us the trip when I just pick what I want.

Amanda said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was with a guy for 6 years and every Christmas, not only would I pick out my present, but I would have to wrap it too.

I don't think you sound shallow, but women just assume that when you've been with someone for so long, they should know your likes and dislikes...and we all want to open the surprise "perfect gift" that makes us tear up. At least I do.