Friday, December 19, 2008


Okay, to most this will seem insignificant, but to me it, I ordered about 150 photo greeting cards from Walgreen' I created a cute photo card with 3 cute pictures of us in front of our pretty gold Christmas tree. I checked and rechecked the message I wrote on the bottom of the card. So, today, after 2 weeks of waiting for the cards, I finally received them. I opened up the box, and, to my surprise, my name is misspelled. That's right, Husband and I somehow over looked the misspelling of my name. If I lived in the states, this would be a non-issue. I would just go back and return them or get new one's printed in an hour. But, I can't freakin' do that! I live in freakin' Japan! So, I've got 150 stupid, fucking photo holiday cards that say Happy Holidays, From the Weenie Family, WeNIE, Husband and Jude. Okay, on the cards, my real name is missing one letter. I want to throw the damn cards out the window, because I'm aggravated that they aren't exactly as I had envisioned them. Husband and PoPo think I should just send them out because the pictures are cute, and they believe no one will even notice the misspelling. They believe people will just be happy to have 3 cute pictures us. However, I am OCD (obsessive compulsive), and I cannot send something out that has a spelling error. After all, I have a freakin' English degree and teach English. To me, there is no excuse for a misspelling, especially from me. I guess I hold myself to a higher standard.

During the creation of the cards, I asked Husband to help me proof read them. I am known for making silly errors and thought another set of fresh eyes would catch any mistakes I had made. Apparently, I was wrong. I'm not blaming Husband for my mistake. But, I'm just pissed that I made it in the first place. And now I have 150 misspelled holiday greeting cards in my possession.

So, I'm asking for your advice...what should I do??? I thought about putting a holiday sticker over the misspelling, but that looked ghetto. I thought about calling Walgreen's and asking for a re-do. But, even if I do that, the picture cards probably won't make it here until January, and then it will take another 2 weeks for you people to get them. So, what should I do? Would you mind a cute card of the Weenie Family with one letter missing from my name?? Would that bother you?? Would you be pleased to have cute pictures of us in front of our Christmas tree, even though my name is misspelled??

You decide and let me know, please! Your opinion matters to me!

Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Send the damn cards out ..... would it be the first time we laughed at you ?

Big D

Weenie said...

Nope, it certainly would NOT be the first time you laughed at ME!

Okay, that's one vote for sending the cards out!

Thanks Big D!

I knew I could count on you for your opinion!


Rice Spice said...

I second the "send the damn cards out" vote.

You can always take the political stance - deflect blame (i.e., Damn Walgreens for putting a typo on my cards!!!) :)

I want my card to put on my fridge, woman! So send me mine at

Weenie said...

Okay, that's 2 votes for "send the damn cards out." I guess I'll be sending at least 2 out!



Anonymous said...

I must say that only now after reading your blog did I even notice your name misspelled. The card is very beautiful and the pictures look SO CUTE and since you sent the cards to people that know you, they probably did the same thing and didn't even notice the missing letter. Your lovely card is now proudly displayed with the rest of my cards so thanks for sending me one. Czech Girl