Monday, December 1, 2008

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Friday night we went to the Park Hyatt for drinks. This is the exact seat where Bill Murray's character, Bob, sat in the movie Lost in Translation.

The view from the 52nd floor was spectacular! Enjoy the pictures!
(Husband and me sitting at the bar.)
(Running Babe and me having cocktails at the bar.)
(Husband and Giuseppe Verde (aka Marathon Man) sipping their cocktails.)

(Look at the beautiful view! The lights go on forever!)

(Aren't we a cute couple??!!)

(Running Babe and me in the cab on the way to the Hyatt.)
When Marathon Man drinks alcohol, the corncob that is permanently stuck in his butt seems to fall out. He becomes a really decent, fun guy. So, when he drinks, he becomes Giuseppe Verde...his alter ego. He is hilarious, witty, edgy, fun, and spontaneous. But, since he has his reputation to worry about, Giuseppe Verde can only come out to play on special occasions. And, my birthday is right around the corner... I can't wait to play with Giuseppe Verde again!
Just another day in Weenie's World!

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