Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, this is VERY popular in Japan. It seems to be the newest rage: small fish eating the dead skin off your feet. Yes! That's right, I said FISH EATING DEAD SKIN OFF YOUR FEET! All I have to say is: disgusting, yuck, and no way!

By the way, these are NOT my feet. You couldn't pay me to do this!


Anonymous said...

They do a LOT of crazy shit in Japan !!

Big D

Weenie said...

Yes, they do!

Anonymous said...

You know that this became popular in the US about 15 months ago. However, many state's department of health outlawed it. They decided that fish eating dead skin and then shitting in the water was just not sanitary.

Oh! If you decide to do it here in Japan, be careful. There are several types of fish that are used for the foot eating. One type can bite hard enough to draw blood!


Weenie said...

I have NO interest in letting small fish eat the dead skin off my feet. That's just nasty!