Thursday, July 30, 2009

My new toy

So, this is my new toy. It's a Nikon D40. Supposedly, it is a great starter digital SLR camera that's idiot proof--so, it's just what I need! I bought it Tuesday, and I've been taking tons of pictures. The only problem is I haven't downloaded the software to my computer, yet. I've been too busy taking pictures.
I needed a new camera because my old one (a Canon PowerShot SD 600 Digital Elph purchased 4 years ago) has really, really, REALLY slow shutter action. Which means it takes about 2 seconds time in between shots. And with a 4 year old little monkey, it's hard to capture the really great moments when you are 2 seconds behind. So, after doing about a week of research, I decided to buy the Nikon D40.
As you know, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to computers and electronics, but this camera is even easy enough for me! And it takes fucking awesome pictures! I mean awesome! The picture quality is amazing and so is the shutter action.
I can't wait to show you its awesomeness!
(By the way, I was NOT paid for this product endorsement.)

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