Friday, July 17, 2009

PoPo's newest project is sticking it to the man!

So, PoPo (my dad) recently built a deck in his backyard. But, he decided he wanted to build a roof over the new deck to protect his new boat, and so he could fish in the shade from the new deck. Well, the deed restrictions in his neighborhood state that if you build a pavilion or anything with a roof on your property, it must resemble your house and be made of the exact same materials as your house. So, that means PoPo would have to build a grey, brick roof with shingles and all for his new deck. And, well, since PoPo is a cheap ass, like myself, he decided to screw the neighborhood association and build a 2 story deck. So, he's basically built a deck on top of a deck. This way, he gets sun protection for the boat and himself when he's fishing, and he still follows the deed restrictions, because, technically, it's not a roof. No, it's simply another deck on top of his already existing deck!

Boy, you gotta love PoPo!

Yes, this is the same man who built a giant ass kitty litter box. And, the same man who drove a 1975 Ford pick up truck until 1998. (I swear, the damn truck was held together with duct tape and super glue!)

By the way, he built this double decker deck while recovering from a torn meniscus (a knee injury). I know, the man can't sit still! Sometimes I feel sorry for YaYa!

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Anonymous said...

Trouble is, I never know what's coming up next!!!! This project is almost complete!!! And, yes, sometimes, well, most of the time, he drives me totally insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!