Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oink, oink!

Okay, so now the EU (European Union) is warning people not to go to the U.S. unless it's necessary. According to CNN, the EU recommends that all leisure travel to the U.S. be postponed until a later date. And, people at Narita Airport (the international airport in Japan) are being screened with heat detecting cameras before being allowed to enter Japan. Apparently, they won't let people into the country if they have a fever.

So, what does all this mean for me and my family? Jude already has a slight head cold right now. He has a snotty nose but nothing else- no fever, no chest congestion, no body aches, no flu like symptoms, just a head cold.

Since we've already bought the tickets and paid for everything, I really don't want to postpone the trip. After all, taking vacation time is very difficult. So, I've got a plan. I will take huge bottles of hand sanitizer and use it often. I will wipe down every touchable surface on the airplane. I will use hand sanitizing wet wipes and wipe down the seat belt, tray table, arm rests and anything else we might touch while on the plane. Once we are in California, I will wipe down the rental car the same way. We will wash our hands, wear masks, and stay away from Mexicans, which is basically impossible to do in California and Texas! We will be staying at friends houses along the way, so that should help, too. We will also swim as much as possible. A little dose of chlorine will help to kill any residual cooties we pick up along the way. (Thankfully, you can find well maintained, nice pools at any local YMCA or YWCA!)

Another option is skinny dipping in rubbing alcohol, wearing chemical gear, and bending over and kissing our asses good-bye!

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Anonymous said...

How about skinny dipping in cheap wine ?
It's a two-fer !!

Largeish D