Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Answer

This morning I walked into my apartment at exactly 6:02 AM. I had just finished running with my running buds. When I walked in the door, I saw a puffy eyed, little boy sitting on my red couch, chomping away on something chewy. Jude was eating the way a horse eats or like my father-in-law (sorry, I know that's tacky, but my father-in-law, Lito, eats with his mouth open and chews gum the same way. I find it disgusting, rude and bad table the way, I'm sure I'll hear how I just dishonored the man by making this comment...I can't wait!!).

So, Jude was chewing something and smiling wide. He looked guilty. This was our conversation:

Weenie: "What are you eating?"

Jude: "Jelly beans!"

Weenie: "Why are you awake at 6 AM eating jelly beans?"

Jude: "Because they taste good."

Apparently, Jude was eating some jelly beans his Auntie had sent him in the mail for Easter. All I could do was smile and think good answer.

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Anonymous said...

Damn good answer !!

Somewhat Smaller D