Friday, January 9, 2009

Secrets to a happy marriage...

Okay, in my life there have been several periods (I'm not talking about the menstrual kind, but the kind dealing with time....wait I got it now...time periods...jeez, I don't know why that was so hard!). The time periods can be described as the following:

Kiddo: birth to about 15 years of age

NME (that's pronounced enemy): 15-18 years old

Montrose with "What's his name": 18 years old to 20 years old

Montrose alone/dating: 20-23ish

Husband: I met Husband when I was about 23ish. So, 23ish to present.

Like most, I've had many life experiences. Some of which I can reflect back on and laugh or smile, and some that I'm not so proud of. Whatever!

But, in my short life I feel I have discovered the secret to a happy marriage. I know I've only been married 6 years, and I've only been with husband for only 8ish years or so. But, before Husband, I had practice with other relationships (as you can see above). I learned through trial and error what makes a good relationship. I learned how to discuss things without throwing items at the other person. I learned that slapping a man out of anger is never okay. I learned that relationships are like plants...they need to be tended to and cared for or they will dry up. I learned that love is a wonderful thing. But most of all, I learned that the secret to happy marriage is......Febreze air fresher! That's right I said Febreze. When your significant other drops the bomb and gags you with his toxic gas, just spray a little Febreze. If your partner's clothes stink like sweaty pits, just spray a little Febreze. If your husband pisses you off, just shoot him with a can of Febreze. He'll think you are just freshening up the place, but inside you know that you're pretending the can of Febreze is a loaded gun...and you've just aimed and fired at him. This way, no one is injured during your "venting," and the room smells nice when you're done. And, if your partner has a dog that you hate and smells bad, just use Febreze...okay, okay, I'm just kidding...don't do that...then you'll have a pissed off dog and a pissed of partner.

Okay, okay, I'm just joking...kinda...the REAL secret to lasting love is...appreciation.
I have learned to appreciate all the simple, little things Husband does for me. Even though I get frustrated when he leaves his dirty running clothes on the bathroom floor daily, I still pick them up and wash them without complaining. I appreciate the fact that my husband takes the time to work out and take care of himself. I appreciate Husband for working hard and letting me stay home and write this useless blog. I appreciate Husband for getting out of the bed at 2 AM so Jude can sleep with me when he's scared. I appreciate it when Husband washes the dishes so I can work with Jude and writing letters. I appreciate Husband for putting up with my crazy parents and sister for almost a month. It takes a GOOD, GOOD man to be able to do that!

Instead of being hostile or angry at your significant other for the little things they do that drive you crazy, appreciate them for who they are and what they do or what they are capable of. When you change your attitude towards them and appreciate all they do (whether big or small), they will feel more appreciated. And, feeling appreciated is a great feeling!

So, go buy lots of Febreze! It could save your marriage!

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