Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fat Ass Club

Okay, as mentioned before, my size 2 jeans cut into my gut like a hot knife cutting through fresh Mozzarella cheese. And, I've already discussed my muffin top-- we don't need to revisit that! So, I'm slightly fluffy with a little extra roll here and there...I'm sorda like the Michelin Man. So, my buddies back in Texas have decided to start up their e-mail food diary. Basically, we e-mail each other a list of everything we have eaten or drank during the day. We comment back to each other and harass each other if we've eaten crap or fallen off the wagon.

I once read somewhere that people who write down everything they eat and drink have better success at weight loss or maintenance. So, this is our attempt at it. We kinda hold each other accountable for eating crap, and we basically give each other a hard time about not being healthy. We tried it a few months before, and it worked great. My giant pot belly shrunk to a mini pot belly. So, with the new year we decided to give it a go again. Here's a sample for your viewing pleasure:

Hot Single Momma: started the day with a 7 mile walk.... yes me.... a 7 mile walk... woo hoo!!
no breakfast.... for lunch turkey on wheat with mustard, a pickle spear, and rice (apparently the other people in my house don't do leftovers or something... i need to invite dad over)... dinner at Parkway (thanks to Big D and his wife) fish tacos and a salad with honey mustard and one lonely shinerbach... sorry, but shiner goes really well with fish tacos at parkway
four diet cokes... four glasses of water... oh and a tootsie roll pop

Big D: Sunday was a disaster. Cold, windy, no exercise. Stuck in the house all day EATING.
Omelet for breakfast w/ toast. Trip to Wallyworld for more food, then home.
Snacked around in the am, then 5 mini blueberry muffins. 3 handfuls of peanuts, and a couple of pieces of chocolate.
Bowl of choc ice cream.
Supper was 2 bowls of homemade bean soup and cornbread.
Late snack was the REST of the ice cream...........the evil ice cream is GONE now, permanently affixed to my gut.
no booze

Hot Texas Momma: Saturday.
Milk and a cookie for breakfast followed in an hour or so by one slice of pizza and half leaded coffee. Later one piece of bread and then Big D, P and I went to the trail and marked AN ENTIRE MILE!!!! I may die.. Then I met cousin B and group at the Pump Jack for dinner. I had the Chicken Fried.. I know, I know... but, I didn't have any beer!!! And, did I mention I walked at least ONE ENTIRE MILE!!!??? No resting, no sitting.. Just walking and bending down.... Really, I may die...
The cat wants me to sit in the recliner, she's tired and needs to nap in my lap... It's my duty to let her rest..

Running Freak: Man, I am still hungry from the long run. Yesterday, D and I made chicken and potato soup- It was delicious, I had two bowls and a roll for lunch. And some chocolate mints and cranberry sauce. Then for dinner, I had two more bowls of soup and a half a sleeve of club crackers, and a piece of fudge and some mints. I drank a lot of water too. And a sprite. That's all I remember eating....

Weenie (Me, duh!): Yesterday I was hungry all day from the long run the day before.
So, for breakfast I ate one piece of fried Spam, home made corn tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese, and hot sauce. It was DEEE-Licious! For lunch, I ate beef noodle soup (a small mug full), a salad with lite Italian dressing, and a small piece of cornbread. For snack, I had a Chai Latte with Soy milk, and the last teensy bit of Mango Sorbet I found in the back of the freezer. For dinner, we made home made Hummus with baked pita bread, and chicken salad with grapes on baked French bread. I had a few tablespoons of Hummus and Chicken salad with a few pieces of pita bread and french bread. Then, after that I totally fucked up my good eating by eating the most delicious piece of fried chicken ever prepared. And, I ate about half a bag of peanut M&M's. I just couldn't shake the hunger bug, so I smashed it with fried chicken and M&M's.
I had water all day except for the Chai Tea.

So, that's a little glimpse into the Fat Ass Club. It helps us to be accountable for the crap we put in our bodies.

Just another day in Weenie's World!


Anonymous said...

It worked for me last time, and I think it's working again.
We all enjoy abusing each other anyway !!! : )

Big D

Weenie said...

Yep, it's working for me, too. I'm already down a few pounds and my pot belly is no longer poking out.