Sunday, January 4, 2009

Husband can't count!

So, this morning I woke up to run my 14 miles. According to my marathon training schedule, 14 miles would be my long run for the week. Since Husband runs further and faster than me, I asked him for a 14 mile route. Keep in mind, most of our running buddies have Garmins (a running GPS), but since we are cheap asses and not tech savvy, we have yet to get one. So, Husband decided to take me out on one of his favorite runs and routes. He was afraid I would get lost. He mentioned the course was a bit hilly but not killer. And, since YaYa and PoPo are still here, we thought we would take advantage of the free child care and run together--something we never do.

Well, some how Husband got confused of the mileage, and we ended up doing a total of 16 miles. That's right, I just said 16 freakin' long, hilly, windy miles. At the end of our torturous run, I checked my watch. I was perplexed when it showed a whopping total of 3 hours. I couldn't understand how last week's 13.1 mile run took me 2 hours and 15 minutes and today's supposed 14 mile run took just over 3 hours. The math just didn't make sense. So, we discussed the route once again and realized that Husband typically doesn't start from the spot where we started and stopped. He forgot to tack on 2 EXTRA miles. Duh! I told him!

Husband felt really bad for attempting to kill me yet again. He apologized and called himself a moron. He was worried that the additional mileage and hills would cause me an injury and stop me from continuing with my training for Tokyo Marathon. But, thankfully I completed the distance without any major issues. Granted I was bitchy, tired, achy and not happy, but physically I was fine. And, I know now that I can do the distance with hills.

So, this run sucked in general, but I know it will make me a better runner in the end. I'll be more prepared to handle the longer distances and the mental anguish that goes along with running extra mileage when you haven't really prepared or planned for it.

So, I thought about being pissed at Husband, but, in the end, he gave me push I needed.

So, off I go...I need a nap...I'm one tired Mexican!

Running 16 miles up hills sucks!


Anonymous said...

If you want something done right, DO IT YOURSELF !!
Dont be a titty baby and blame this on husband. You're a college educated lady.....LMAO

Big D

Weenie said...

I know, I know! I usually don't trust anyone with routes or runs. I like to check and double check the miles. But, I thought I could trust my sweet, smart, Husband to create a route for 14 miles. Obviously, I was wrong! But, I feel great today, except my feet are tired. So, I'm kinda glad Husband pushed me. I did a hard 16 hilly miles and survived like a trooper. But, as you know, I still like to bitch and moan!