Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunch with my Ome Class

When YaYa and PoPo were here, my Ome class took us out to eat for lunch. They took us to this really nice Japanese restaurant where the waitresses wore Kimonos and wooden shoes. Here are some pictures from the lunch. (My whole class plus me, YaYa and PoPo pigging out on Japanese food (sushi, tempura, soba noodles, and jellyfish).)
(Tom and me. Do you remember the blog entry titled "Parent Teacher Conference, Sorda"? Well, it was written about this man and his son.)

(YaYa with the ladies from Ome.)
(My food....well, what was left of it.)
(My Ome class!)
Life is a beautiful thing when you love your work! And, I feel truly blessed that I get to teach English to these kind, wonderful people.

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