Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nose Picker!

I'm gross. I know it and I'm okay with it. Since I have bad allergies, I always have boogers, snot and phlegm. I also have a habit of picking out my crispy boogers and flicking them here and there. I know it's gross, but I find it entertaining. Sometimes, though, if the booger is too sticky, I'll just wipe it on a napkin, tissue, sleeve or on my pajamas. Husband doesn't like it, but it doesn't bother him anymore, so I thought.
This morning I took Jude with me to eat breakfast after my 15 mile run. I took Jude to breakfast so Husband could run 20 miles...that's right I just said 20 miles. Remember, we are training for the Tokyo Marathon. Anywho, when we came back from breakfast I found a note on the table. This is what it said:
Left at 10:55.
Have cell phone and Yen.
That booger on your pj's is gross.
According to Husband, he doesn't mind me picking my boogers, but it bothers him when I put them on my clothes. And, this morning when he picked my pj's off the floor, he saw a giant green booger on my pajama pants, and it grossed him out. Poor guy!
I can recall another time when we were getting frisky in bed. This was our conversation:
Husband: Something just scratched me on my arm...what are you wearing that's sharp?
Weenie: I'm not wearing anything sharp.
Husband: Something on your pajamas is rough. What is it?
Weenie: Oh that, I think it's a booger.
Husband: Nasty!
Needless to say, after that we just both rolled over and went to sleep. The booger ruined the moment!
Just another day in Weenie's World!


Anonymous said...

You're incredibly disgusting !!
That's probably why we got along so well..............LMAO !!!

Big D

Anonymous said...

LOL..........thats awesome!