Monday, January 26, 2009

K the Chemist's visit to Japan

Here are some pictures from K the Chemist's visit to Tokyo. As you may recall, he came to visit us the day after YaYa and PoPo left. He was only here for about 36 hours or so. We tried to do as many things as possible during his quick trip here. (He was in Shanghai for business and had an extended lay over here in Japan before returning to Texas.)
(Here we are at a shrine in Tokyo.)
(Here we are eating at my favorite Ramen shop in Roppongi.)

(Here we are 52 stories up in the Muri Tower in Roppongi Hills.)

(Husband and K the Chemist posing for a picture.)
(The 6th layer of Hell in the Tokyo Subway system. We took a different subway line to get to Downtown Tokyo. Some how we got turned around. The subway line was 8 stories down underground...somewhere in the depth's of hell.)

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