Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My son is nasty!

As you know, we live in Japan. Our apartment is relatively small compared to American standards. I've learned to deal with the space issue. Anywho, since our restrooms are teeny tiny, I make sure to cover our toothbrushes with little plastic covers. I once read that every time you flush the toilet, the bathroom is covered in a mist of fecal matter. As a result, if one person in the house has gastrointestinal issues, you risk spreading it when you flush...especially if your toothbrushes are in the vicinity of the fecal spray. The best way to prevent this from happening is to put a cheap plastic cover over the head of the toothbrush. So, each toothbrush in my apartment is covered.
Well, today Jude was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. He was taking a long time, so I went in to investigate. A quiet 4 year old is never a good thing...if it's quiet, something is in the works...guaranteed! When I walked into the bathroom, he was rolling a giant booger in between his thumb and index finger. He had this devious look in his eyes. Next to him was Husband's tooth brush with the cover lying next to it in the sink.
Naturally I asked, "What are you doing?"
His response, "Who me?"
My response, "Yes, you...who else would I be talking to??"
Jude's answer, "I don't know, someone else."
At this point, I could clearly see that he was trying to throw me off his trail. So, again I asked, "What are you up to?"
Jude said, "Nothing...I'm just trying to put my booger in Daddy's toothbrush cover for safe keeping."
"You're trying to do what?" I asked in astonishment.
"I want to save my booger, so I thought I would put it in here," Jude said as he held up Husband's white plastic tooth brush cover.
"Nasty!" I replied and walked out of the restroom.
Just another day in Weenie's world!

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