Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm one tired half ass Mexican!

So, I ran a great 17 miles on Saturday. Then, on Sunday I went with my running club to participate in an Ekiden race. An Ekiden is basically a relay race. We had a team of 6 people yesterday, with each of us running about a mile and a half. My team, the Running Babes, was the 2nd women's team to finish. Granted, there were only 4 women's teams total, but still...we came in 2nd. I didn't really run to my full potential, because I had ran 17 miles the day before. I was too tired and my feet just wanted to rest. It seems that having tired feet is the worst part of marathon training...well, for me it is.

So, I would have preferred to stay home yesterday, but I didn't want my team to have to find a new runner at the last minute. And, if they wouldn't have been able to find anyone, the whole team would not have been able to participate. So, I went and did my part.

I'm just glad the weekend is over. Today I will not run. I will try to rest my feet and drink plenty of fluids. It is believed that people who do high endurance sports often get more colds than regular people. Supposedly, as we break down our bodies each weekend covering tons of mileage, we also break down our immune system, becoming more likely to catch colds and viruses. So, I will try to eat tons of fruit and drink plenty of fluids today. Needless to say, I'll be staying close to home because I'll have to pee about a million times.

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