Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jude and his PoPo

Jude spent most of his Christmas/New Year break harassing PoPo. They wrestled, played, and vegged out on the couch together.

Jude would wake up every morning ready and waiting to bother his grandparents to the best of his ability...especially PoPo.

See below!

(Jude and PoPo wrestling. PoPo had to quit wresting because Jude squished his face, causing PoPo's glasses to become misshapen.)
(Jude and PoPo watching Discovery Channel's Shark Week on DVD.)
(Here Jude is pretending to be a dentist. PoPo was the patient.)
(Here Jude was pretending to be a barber. PoPo was his customer.)
(PoPo and Jude hanging out and watching TV together.)

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