Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year, better improved me!

This morning I spent one hour doing a workout from P90x. I'm sure you've seen the infomercial on TV. You see a flabby housewife working out in her basement, and then *BAM* in 90 days she's ripped and could kick your ass all the way to Mexico. Well, my American neighbor down the way has this kick ass workout program/videos. She's been working out and it shows. I mentioned the other day that she looks good, and she mentioned that it's the result of the P90X work out. So, after a few minutes of convincing, she told me I should try it. She knows that I run, and that I enjoy torturing myself with endless hours of workouts, so she invited me to her place this morning to try out one of her P90X videos.

Well, the video kicked my ass BAD! I like to think I'm in relatively good shape, right?! WRONG! These workout videos are intense. It has moves in there that I didn't think were humanly possibly, especially for me. But, I gave it a whirl and was capable of doing almost everything at least one time. You are supposed to be able to "grow" with the video. We'll see about that!

So, after the workout, I came home, ate lunch, and sat on the couch for about an hour. I was too tired and too sore to move. I've been drinking tons of water to rehydrate and to prevent soreness. I've got to run 11 miles tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention that we also played the Wii Fit for about 30 minutes?! We had a blast. This was my first time playing it. I can see how people get addicted to it.

So, I just hope I walk tomorrow. Lord help me!

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