Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to do?

Should we stay or should we go?

Reasons for staying:
2.  to keep our family together;
3.  be comfortable in our place, as a family;
4.  because I ain't scared;
5.  because I have all necessary items to stay here, like food, water, flashlights, etc.
6.  because we are strong and resilient;
7.  because I love this place
8.  because I will be worried sick if I leave without Husband;
9.  as of right now, if we leave, we don't know where we're going;
10. because I could end up living in a tent somewhere, or a gymnasium or stuck somewhere;
11. I'm not ready to jump ship;
12. because I will be worried sick if I leave without Husband;
13. because I will be worried sick if I leave without Husband;
14. because I will be worried sick if I leave without Husband;
15. because I will be worried sick if I leave without Husband.

Reasons for leaving:
1.  it's possible that if we don't go now, we might not be able to go later;
2.  things could get much, much worse,
3.  the nuclear reactor could spew mass quantities of radiation, and I could be forced to stay indoors;
5. Husband might be too worried about us to focus on the mission;
6. Jude is young and growing, and if the radiation levels get dangerous, he's at risk;
7. because the State Department thinks it's a good to leave if you want to;
8. because I'll get a free flight to somewhere else (just don't know where);
9. because our friends and family are worried about us and want us to leave;
10. AFTERSHOCKS!!!!!!!
11. AFTERSHOCKS!!!!!!!

**** Just felt another large aftershock as I was writing this!  What the hell?!  Maybe that's God's way of saying get the fuck out of Tokyo!


Anonymous said...

Other reasons to come home ASAP:
Tex Mex food!
See BJ and princess
Husband will probly working so much u won't see much of him anyway :-(

The sooner the better - u probly won't be able to come home later!

Love u!

Hairpin said...

I'm not sure God says, "Get the fuck out." Perhaps "get the heck out" or "scram," but from what the good born-agains tell me, the Lord does not curse.

Though if he did, I wouldn't think less of him.

Flounder... said...

Tough decision my dear...I know you will choose what is best for you and the family:)

Ronda Saenz said...

LOL Eric..........God I miss you guys :(