Saturday, March 19, 2011

My favorite animal

Friday, when were walking to the bus stop, Jude and a couple of the neighborhood kids were chatting.  This was their conversation:

Neighborhood kid #1:  "What's your favorite animal?  Mine's the crocodile because it has one of the strongest bites."

Neighborhood kid #2:  "Mine's is the chupacabra.  It's a blood sucking animal in Texas that's really freaky."

Jude:  "I like the vagina opossum."

Weenie:  "What do you like?"

Jude:  "The vagina opossum."

Weenie:  "The what?"


Weenie:  "What are you saying?"

Jude:  "THE VAGINA OPOSSUM!  You know, the opossum that poops out green gunk from its anus to scare away predators."

Weenie:  "Oh, you mean the Virginia Opossum."

Jude:  "That's what I said!"

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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