Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh shit!

So, yesterday at school my kid got busted for kissing a girl.  Keep in mind, Jude is only in kindergarten.  Yes, kindergarten!

Apparently, a little boy told the little girl to kiss Jude.  Jude dodged the kiss, but, then, decided to kiss her...on the lips (thankfully, there was no tongue involved).  Their teacher saw what was going on and took all 3 of them aside and talked to them about their behavior.  Then, she e-mailed me about the incident.

When Jude came home, he spilled the beans as soon as he got off the bus.  He told me what had happened even before I asked--which is a good thing.

Then, I told him that kissing is a good way to spread germs.  I told him that he could get an incurable diseases such as Herpes, and be cursed with mouth sores for the rest of his life, or he could catch a cold or even the flu.  Since my kiddo is really into science, he seemed very aware of the dangers of kissing.

I told him the only girl he should ever kiss is his momma, and his grandmas, of course!

And, he has to be in high school or college to kiss girls!

I have to say I am so not ready for this!  I mean, I know my kid is cute.  That's obvious!  But because of his cuteness, little girls seem drawn to him.  They get a sparkle in their eyes when he comes near. It's crazy to watch.

I can only imagine how high school is going to be!

I guess I should start stocking up on condoms now!

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