Monday, March 14, 2011


We are fine.  Jude went to school, and Husband is working.  I cancelled my class today and will be spending the day at home.

This is what I know:  Tokyo will be experiencing scheduled rolling blackouts.  Our area will be without power today from 12:30-3:30 PM.  The schools are aware of the situation and will handle the situation accordingly.  Because of the scheduled blackouts, only a few JR trains are running, and traffic is horrible.  I expect that the traffic will only get worse once the power goes out and the street lights stop functioning.  So, because of that, I've decided to cancel my class and stay home.

Also, because of the powered outage, I expect that I will be without water during that time.  Since I live on the 5th floor, a pump is used to push my water upward.  With no electricity, I assume the pump won't be functioning. So, I spent the morning filling up water jugs and the bathtub, so I can have water.

The rolling blackouts are necessary since several of Japan's electrical/nuclear plants received damage from the earthquake and tsunami.  We are told the blackouts will last until sometime in April.

So, I guess this is my new normal.  

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