Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling safe has a price

So, we are in the comfort of YaYa and PoPo's house, surrounded by nature, able to look out and see wild birds, palm trees, Copano Bay and everything grand, but somehow the view just isn't right.  It's not the view I'm used to, and it's not the view I've grown to love.  I already miss looking out my 5th story apartment building and seeing Tokyo, Japan. 

Don't get me wrong, being in Texas is great. We are safe here, away from aftershocks and radiation.  But we are missing something that means so much to us...Husband. 

Jude is having a great time and adjusting well.  He's no longer anxious, nervous or scared.  He has stopped freaking out at loud noises.  He no longer has baby breakdowns, where he cries for no reason.  Now, he seems calm and relaxed.  The sparkle in his eye has returned.  YaYa and PoPo are spoiling him beyond belief, and he's loving it. 

I'm also trying to adjust well.  But it's hard to be comfortable in someone else's home.  It's hard to relax when you don't know what lies ahead.  It's hard to relax when you don't know the next time you will be able to see your husband.  It's hard to relax when you don't know when you can return to your home or your life. 

So, we just sit here on hold.  Waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Husband wants you two too...right now.