Saturday, March 19, 2011


We just had another aftershock.  A 6.1 magnitude aftershock struck just as I pulled down my pants to take a piss.  So, I held it, pulled up my pants and ran to the living room to be with Jude.  Luckily, Husband is home, and Jude was already in Husband's arms by the time I ran into the living room.

The aftershock lasted about 20 seconds.

Here is the location of the aftershock:

So, for the past few days, we've been having large aftershocks at night.  Once they hit, I freak out for a few minutes, and my adrenaline starts pumping.  It takes me quite a while to settle down.  Therefore, I'm unable to sleep.  I think over the past 4 days, I've only slept about 4 hours a night, and I'm starting to feel the effects.  I'm exhausted and drained.

And, because the aftershocks have been happening at night, Jude is scared to sleep alone.  So, all three of us (Husband, Jude and I) have been sleeping in the same bed.  We feel less anxious and at ease by being together.  But, at the same time, it's not very comfortable.  We kick each other.  We smack each other with our elbows.  When someone farts, we all suffer...together.   But knowing that my baby and my husband are at my side makes me feel relaxed enough to sleep, even if it is for just a few hours.

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