Friday, June 5, 2009

Roasting Marshmallows

So, after the 6.2 mile run, we took a scalding, hot shower, cooked hot dogs on the fire and made s'mores. We sat around the campfire telling stories and drinking beer. It was the best time ever! We annoyed the crap out of the people camping next to us. WE were the loud, annoying, drunk people next door. It was great!

K the Chemist's Kid playing the guitar.

Jude watching him play the guitar.
Running Freak's husband having a cold one by the fire.
Setting up camp.
K the Chemist, Running Freak, Hot Texas Momma and Long Distance Lady (LDL).
Sitting around the campfire telling stories.
Jude and Big D playing swords.
The next morning...more fire!
Our tent. (Since we were on our Great American Adventure, we didn't have ANY camping gear. Our friends were kind enough to provide us with everything we needed for a great camp out! We borrowed a tent, chairs, 2 cots, a foam mattress, and 15 blankets (it was a wee bit chilly). Our friends totally hooked us up!)
We had the best time camping at Bar H. This was my son's first time camping in a tent. He loved it!
Thanks again to all of you who let us borrow your camping gear! You made Jude's first real camping experience a great one! You guys rock!

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Anonymous said...

Damn drunk runners !!

Big D