Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rest in Peace Mr. Michael Jackson

Yes, he was weird. Yes, he did things he probably shouldn't have. Yes, he was led in the wrong direction by the wrong people. Yes, he was denied a childhood by his father. Yes, someone should have stepped in and saved him from himself.

Michael Jackson is lots of things to lots of people. To me, he was and will always be a musical genius. He created songs and sounds that no one had ever heard before. He created music that will stand the test of time. He is the one and only King of Pop.

Like most of you, I was shocked to hear about the passing of Michael Jackson. I first heard about it on the radio on the way to take Jude to the bus stop. It was HUGE news here in Japan. The days that followed were filled with musical tributes to him on the local Tokyo pop radio stations. I think the Japanese people love him just as much as Americans did or do. It seemed for one brief moment in time the whole world came together to mourn a misunderstood, musical genius. I was one of them.

Look, we all know Mr. Jackson had issues with his appearance, with the way he surrounded himself with young boys, and with the way we handled himself. We all know this. But I personally believe he was a simple, lonely, lost soul who was led in the wrong direction by an entourage of money, grubbing thugs. He was weird and eccentric and no one ever told him no. I just wish someone loved the man enough to have stepped in and saved him from himself before this tragedy happened. That's all.

It's a shame to lose such a musically gifted man. It's a shame to have watched him fall from grace. It's just a shame.

He made great music!

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