Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Ironman plus Ironbaby

When we finally made it to North Texas, we were welcomed by Mr. & Mrs. Ironman and their new baby. They were kind enough to let us stay at the Ironman Ranch. We had a great time sharing stories and watching Ironbaby do his new amazing tricks. They are great friends and great new parents! Ironbaby. Isn't he adorable??!!
The Ironman family. On Saturday, the 10th day of our Great American Adventure, Husband and the Ironman family ran a 10K race. Mr. Ironman came in 1st place for his age group. Mrs. Ironman also came in 1st place for her age group (and she was pushing Ironbaby in the baby jogger!!! You go girl!). And, Husband came in 2nd place. They all did great! (I sat on the side lines and cheered.)
Thanks to the Ironman family for making our stay in North Texas a great one! You guys rock!

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