Monday, June 22, 2009

Evil bloggers

Okay. Today I read this article. (Click on the word this to read it.)

It talks about bloggers who get paid big bucks to write false endorsements for certain products. Basically, bloggers are getting paid or getting freebies (like free computers) to go on a product's website and write a 200 word consumer review in favor of that particular product.

According to the article, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is going to start going after these bloggers for making "false claims or failure to disclose conflict of interest." I say, GO GET 'EM! I think bloggers who do this are wrong! As a fellow blogger, I believe bloggers should be honest. It's our duty to report what we see through our eyes. When you start a blog, you open up your world to others, and I believe you should do it honestly. You should be brutally honest, in my opinion. But when you start selling out to manufacturers to get free shit, well that's just wrong. If you want to get paid to write lies about a product, then you should quit blogging! Or, you should at least be honest about it to your readers. You owe them that much!

Look, blogging isn't about writing lies so you can get free shit. If you want to do that, go somewhere else! Quit writing lies and making money off of it!

(By the way, I'm okay with bloggers who put ads on their sites. If you want to advertise products you like, then go for it. But when you write false customer reviews and get paid for it by the manufacturer, that's just evil!)
(FYI. I have never been paid for anything I've ever written on this blog, but if you want to pay me, I'll kindly take your money!)

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