Monday, June 8, 2009

Houston, we're back!

After 11 days of the Great American Adventure, we finally made it to Houston. Driving into town was like putting on a great pair of running shoes after they've been broken in--it felt great! Being back in H-town was somewhat overwhelming, though. There was so much new construction that I didn't even recognize some parts of town. But, overall, it had the same welcoming feeling.

Here is the beautiful Houston skyline from I-45:
This was the last day in our rental car. Once we were in Houston, we returned the rental and borrowed BJ's car. She was kind enough to let us borrow her car. Thanks again, BJ!
This is how the back of the car looked on the last day! I know, what a mess! It looked like our car had exploded! We were like the freaking Beverly Hillbillies!


Anonymous said...

LMAO .... your personal car ALWAYS looked like that every day !!

Big D

Weenie said...

Whatever! MY CAR never looked like that! My OCD does not allow that to happen! Now, Husband's car ALWAYS looks like that!

Anonymous said...

OK, it might have been your husbands car ..... LOL

Princess Talula said...

I love the rouge banana. Now that is some Texan class for you!